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First of all, congrats on your awesome platform. I don’t code but know a bit of Python, HTML and CSS and I’ve been doing your missions in the last few days. Must say that I really like what I see.

One think I can’t figure out is if it’s possible to develop custom UI components using external libraries (e.g. react). For example, creating a custom PDF viewer, or photo editor / annotator.

Could you please let me know if that’s possible at all? Also, if it is, how can we use with codeless?


Hello @Martin321

Welcome to the community and thanks for trying Backendless out!

The UI Components is a new feature and we are still working to improve this.

There are lots of improvements in our roadmap, however, you already can create your own custom component (with 3rd libs), just create a new component based on Highcharts Demo template and you will see how it works with an external library

Since the UI-Builder is based on React you can use react components without extra importing React.

Also, we are about to release the publishing/installing components using our Marketplace, so it’s going to add an ability to share components between developers/apps/containers/etc.

Regards, Vlad

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Amazing work, Vlad! Keep it up.

Can you share how to import Leafletjs Map Component into UI Builder?

Best regards,
Nyi Nyi Lin