[CustomBusinessLogic] beforeMoveToRepository/afterMoveToRepository does not callbacked

Following event handler did not work, only when I use iOS SDK.

public void beforeMoveToRepository( RunnerContext context, String fileUrlLocation ) throwsException
public void afterMoveToRepository( RunnerContext context, String fileUrlLocation, ExecutionResult<String> result ) throws Exception
  • I upload the file with following iOS SDK’s API
-(void)upload:(NSString *)path content:(NSData *)content response:(void(^)(BackendlessFile *))responseBlock error:(void(^)(Fault *))errorBlock;
  • When I upload the file with the Android SDK, both event handlers worked correctly.

  • About for the file remove handlers (i.e. “beforeDeleteFileOrDirectory()” , and “afterDeleteFileOrDirectory()”)
    it works correctly.

Hi Niro,

We need a some time to implement these callbacks for iOS SDK.
We’ll let you know when it will be done.

Hi Niro!

You can try to use @Asset( “*” ) to invoke these handlers
(as a temporary resolution of the problem).