D3 Data-Driven Documents & backendless

I am wondering if there is a chance you guys will integrate D3, into backendless somehow? It seems like it would be an absolutely HUGE thing to be able to take something like that and make basically ANY kind of data visualization with backendless.

If not, how would one go about implementing something like that, I’m guessing you would have to just custom code it in? I’m specifically interested in financial Charting personally, but there are other charts that I’m sure would interest a large amount of people!

Basically I’m wanting to be able to take a lot of those types of functionality and idk make it a codeless deal, or a low code type of thing. Just some way to really up the data visualization game.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Hi Kierre,

This is already possible by embedding custom JS into UI builder apps. The best way to handle it would be by introducing a custom component. We’re in the process of writing documentation for that functionality. It will appear in the general UI Builder docs:


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any news on this topic?

Hi, @Jorg_Beyer

As Mark mentioned above, it will appear in the general UI Builder documentation as it becomes available: https://backendless.com/docs/uibuilder/ . We are working on it.

Regards, Marina

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