Daily limit has been reached, but I thought the limit on minute rate!

Hi @mark-piller
I have 2 plans (one is free and one is scaled). I usually experiment and build with test and when it is final I move it to the paid plan.
With the free plan, I am coming across a weird situation. I am getting Maximum API calls per day limit is reached. However I thought as per the documentation, free plan has a limit of 50 calls per minute, meaning that it would reset next min.
Is 50 calls a daily cap or is it minute cap (since documentation says it is unlimited per month)?
2)Is there a daily limit

I looking forward to hearing the answers

Hello @Deress_Asghedom,

You encountered this situation because the Free plan has a limit of 1,000 requests per day.
You can find more detailed information regarding the Free plan here.


I am bumping into the same thing every day now in the app I am working on. I do understand that you want to get paid for us using your frameworks to develop, but there is a rather large gap between the free plan and the scale plan, especially since that plan is … well, scalable!

Have you considered to set up a Dev plan, where you take say 5USD per month, limit the period you can be on that plan, and increase the daily limit to e.g. 10.000 requests and the rest like todays free plan?

While developing I really like to have hard limits and knowing that I won’t suddenly be billed for something that is not working properly, like what can happen if you develop on the Scale plan…

The scale plan provides a way to set a threshold which gives you the very hard limit you are talking about.


I see that now - was not aware of it, so thanks for pointing that out. Now i just have to understand it… :slight_smile: I do get the tier pricing, but not how it will work in practice. If I want to limit to say 100 calls per day/minute, then that cost will still be added on top of the scale plan, so it will still be variable cost up to a certain point. Is that how it works?

You guys really have thought through a lot here, I must say, it is rather mindboggling how much features are within Backendless at this point! :clap:

Here’s an example: suppose you set the max threshold to Tier 3 (20 req/minute):

Any requests beyond the set limit will be rejected and not counted for billing purposes.

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