Data Binding for Nested Properties

Hi There,

I’m struggling to put two things together: A) pull out a property from an object that is inside another object and B) bind that property

In the example above, I’m looking to return the property brand_name which comes from a relations field called Brand_Name (capitalization is the only difference) which is part of an object called “Contract” that I placed in page data. When the object for “contract” is selected via a selector component, I’d like for Text nearby to show the value of “brand_name” via data binding.

I’ve tried various approaches such as nesting get property blocks and using nomenclature such as Contract.Brand_Name.brand_name to try to pull this property.

Are there any resources other than the two videos on data binding I could review?

The object that contains the Brand_Name property is inside of an array. If you’re using data binding, you need to add logic that takes the object from the array and returns the desired property.

Thanks Mark- I’ve been toying with two possible ways to separate the nested object and am still falling short.

Option 1: Use a Filter block-

Option 2: Nested Get Properties

Is there a 3rd option or block you’re recommend?

Hello @Aaron_Alpeter,

first, you need to take an object from the array, and only then you can access its properties.
Something like this: