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Data breach on a site

What I get when I SignUp/LogIn via Backendless API:

Do you receive this message when requesting not Backendless but other resource?

According to Google’s Security Blog and Chrome’s password protections:

When you type your credentials into a website, Chrome will now warn you if your username and password have been compromised in a data breach on some site or app. It will suggest that you change them everywhere they were used.

In addition, the password cannot be obtained from Backendless - we don’t have any data leaks and we don’t store passwords in their pure form.


“Do you receive this message when requesting not Backendless but other resource?”
What do you mean? It is a POST request to Backendless.

Hi @Volodymyr_Humnytskiy,

we mean if you’ve tried using the same username and password combination on another resource (not Backendless) to see if chrome is reporting the same problem.

The warning does not show the source of the breach or what website the data was obtained from.

What I mean is that if such a username/email and password combination was compromised in any other application where you used it, then you will see this warning regardless of the site.

I recommend you to change your password on all websites/apps where you have used that same username/email and password combination.


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