Data Browser Search Box Not Working

The Search box in the console Data Browser has changed behavior recently and is very difficult to use. The expected behavior is, if you don’t type quickly enough to beat the debounce timer for the text box, an error box pops up saying, for example, “Where clause ‘phon’ is invalid”. Until recently this wasn’t a problem, you could just keep typing until the where clause became valid. Now, the error message grabs focus, so any typing after the error pops up is lost. You have to mouse click back into the search box to continue typing, then type like the wind to beat the timer. For complex queries, I’ve started typing them in a separate window, then cut-and-pasting them into the Search box. I’ve checked the behavior in the Brave and Chrome browsers, it doesn’t seem to be browser specific.
Thank you,

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Hi Kelly,

Thank you for reporting this issue. The search bar has been redesigned in the upcoming release we’re working on. The new design addresses the issue you mentioned and provides a very useful way to manage a history of search queries. The new release should happen sometime this month.