Data Browser Shows 21 Pages in Footer But "No data to display!" After Page 8

Even after I click the Refresh icon in the bottom footer of the Data Browser, the footer shows a total of 21 pages to view, yet every page after Page 8 says “No data to display!”.

Seems that using the browser’s refresh forces the Console to void its record count. Then, I can click to get the updated record count, which is correct.

Could you please record a loom video showing the problem and share the link with us?

Hello Mark.

I resolved the problem by doing a browser refresh. That forced BE console to clear the record count it had. Then, I clicked on the “download” icon next to the table name to get a new count, which is now correct, and the paging is correct as well.

I believe the problem arose from the following scenario:
. I imported about 1K records from a CSV
. I used the REST console to delete about 650 of the records
. The console still had a record count of about 1K showing in the table list

Seems that the record count is cached and that cache is not invalidated by the delete I did in the REST console.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem now because I’ve deleted all the records already from the import.