Data Console Resets to Page 1 After Any Data Update

I’m trying to manually change about 150 records that can’t be updated en masse via a query. I sort the table to make it easy to locate the target records. I position to page 2 (or 3 or 4, etc). I update a field - not a field on which the table is sorted. The window refreshes and returns to page 1. I have to reposition to each subsequent page just to update a single record, then come back for the next record. The sort hasn’t changed, nor has the number of records. Why start at the beginning after every update?

Is this the intended behavior, or is it broken?

Thank you

Hello, @Kelly_Oglesby.

We have created an internal ticket: BKNDLSS-30703.
In the meantime, I can only suggest that you do this with a request
What’s stopping you from doing it with two queries?

Regards, Nikita.

I was in a hurry. I didn’t want to type ANYTHING, let alone 150 iterations of strings similar to:

where route = 'Car Route 9 Local - Morning Block' and company = 'John Elway Chevy Parts Warehouse'

It was easy and very fast to do it in a program - which I did - but the question remained, could that less-than-optimal behavior possibly be intended, and the ticket you created suggests that it is not. So everything is now good, and I do mean everything.

Thank you, Nikita!