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Data export

hi there,

Since last week’s server issues, I have not been able to export data from our console (app ID: 9088AF67-1648-1726-FF09-A51862BF1A00). Backendless 3.

When exporting a table I get the usual message that I will receive an email, so no error is triggered in the console, but then no email arrives (I have tried this for a few days).

Can you please look into it?

Thank you for your help as usual

Hi @Alessandra_Saviotti!

The export emails are delivered only for Backendless version 5 and if you have set proper email settings in your app settings.
In any case, you can find your export in Files section in the “export” folder.

Best Regards,

I don’t understand what you are saying.

I have used this export method for years, so I doubt it works only for backendless 5. In Backendless 3 if you go under Console, and then select Manage / Export you can select what tables to export. Once you select them and tap Export, you are supposed to receive an email with a link (that is also the message written in Backendless), but no email with the link is received (and this stopped working a few days ago).

I recall this happened some years back as well, so you need to look into the issue and fix it as otherwise there is no other way to export the data.

Here is the only screen that can be used for data export:

And here is the message (as always, but then no email is sent):

So, can you solve this as no email is received and therefore it is impossible for me to export the data since the servers were down some days ago?


Hi, Alessandra!

To get exported data select “Files” tab -> “export” folder and select corresponding archive.
But, as Maksym said, export emails are delivered only for Backendless version 5.