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hi there,

Since last week’s server issues, I have not been able to export data from our console (app ID: 9088AF67-1648-1726-FF09-A51862BF1A00). Backendless 3.

When exporting a table I get the usual message that I will receive an email, so no error is triggered in the console, but then no email arrives (I have tried this for a few days).

Can you please look into it?

Thank you for your help as usual

Hi @Alessandra_Saviotti!

The export emails are delivered only for Backendless version 5 and if you have set proper email settings in your app settings.
In any case, you can find your export in Files section in the “export” folder.

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I don’t understand what you are saying.

I have used this export method for years, so I doubt it works only for backendless 5. In Backendless 3 if you go under Console, and then select Manage / Export you can select what tables to export. Once you select them and tap Export, you are supposed to receive an email with a link (that is also the message written in Backendless), but no email with the link is received (and this stopped working a few days ago).

I recall this happened some years back as well, so you need to look into the issue and fix it as otherwise there is no other way to export the data.

Here is the only screen that can be used for data export:

And here is the message (as always, but then no email is sent):

So, can you solve this as no email is received and therefore it is impossible for me to export the data since the servers were down some days ago?


Hi, Alessandra!

To get exported data select “Files” tab -> “export” folder and select corresponding archive.
But, as Maksym said, export emails are delivered only for Backendless version 5.


guys there are problems with emails in Backendless.

First of all, this functionality always worked, and I get it that I can go to Files and do it manually, but please note that backendless says “you will receive an email” and nothing is received.

More importantly, since this issue showed up, the password reset also stopped working, so if a user uses the password reset, they get correct notification that they will receive an email (so the operation on backendless seems to work), but no email is received (and yes we’ve checked spam, etc.).

All of our users are experiencing this issue, which is happening more or less since the latest servers problems a few weeks back and when I messaged you here as I had noticed the data export was also not sending an email.

This needs to be fixed, otherwise all users that use the password reset are just locked out since no email is received.

Please look into this ASAP.

Hello Alessandra

We’ve just checked our mailbox, and we sent you an email when export process is completed

so, please check your mailbox one more time, maybe you’ve got some filters

According to “password reset”: may I register a new user in your system and try it from my side?

Regards, Vlad

no email is received unfortunately.

The more important issue is the password, so let’s focus on that first. I can create an account for you, so that you can then try the password reset from our website (the website does not allow to create an account but only to access with an existing account created via the app). Please let me know an email address so that I can create the account, and then you can try to get the password reset via our website, thank you.

sent you as a private message

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Hi! Is your issue solved? Can this topic be closed ?


Password reset works only sometimes, we get many emails per day but it seems nobody is looking into it (this is on backendless 3, right now it seems you have even removed the API docs?)

is it possible to programmatically set the password without doing login?

Here is the use case:

  • password reset does not work all the time, hence a user can’t get the password reset
  • our customer support could use a web service to reset the password of that user given an email

This is equivalent to us going in backendless console, searching for the email, and manually resetting the password, which is what we have to do several times per day as the password reset does not work correctly. However, I can’t find API docs for backendless 3 explaining how I can reset the password given that I am an authorized admin, is that possible?

Thank you for your help

Edit: What I could do is to run a query to read a user given the email address, then once I read the user I can update the password property, and then I can use the API to update the user. This all works but with the undesired effect that the following time when I refresh the browser I am logged in as that user, instead of as myself. Is this avoidable? So can I do these operations without the system logging me in with the credentials of the user I am helping resetting the password?


There are two password reset approaches in backendless: (1) system assigns a password and emails to the user and (2) user sets up their own password using the web page in your app. Which one does your application use?

Also, when you say that password reset works only sometimes, what happens when it does not work? Please answer in the context of the approach (1 or 2 above) you use.


hi Mark,
I tried both, now we have enabled 2) as it is more convenient in general. When it does not work it means users do not receive any email (and they check spam folder, etc.). Personally, I receive the emails when I try this and also we tried some troubleshooting with support staff at backendless but things seem to work. However, given the many daily requests and users mentioning emails not being received I think there are some inconsistencies, therefore we are looking at implementing an easier way for our customer support to reset passwords manually without accessing the console.

What I detailed above works, and I could now also solve the authentication issue by performing a second user update, after updating the password for the user I can update my own user object that I previously saved and then this way that user object (i.e. my own) stays logged in. I will test this a bit more.

Thanks. Please let me know if you will need any further assistance from us.