Data Import issue

Hello. After some back and forth with Mark on slack I am opening a support topic to deal with an issue I am having with Importing data from a CSV.

I need to upload data into a table that uses the auto-increment feature for the addressId. I added the notation “addressId({”“type”“:”“AUTO_INCREMENT”“})” for the column header but I am receiving the two below errors.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this. I attached the two error messages. As well as an example of the csv file I am trying to upload/


AddressId error 2

CSV File example
addresses example.csv (267 Bytes)

Application ID where I am attempting upload = 9A13BF3D-3E41-C30E-FF1B-94129ABED000

Will York

When I open the CSV file in a plain text editor and I see the following:

I believe the number of double quotes messes up the processing of the file during the import.


I removed the double quotes and am still receiving the same error

The outside double quotes were not needed –

correct format below


The outside should be single quotes as shown here:

But if it works without the quotes too, that’s great!