Data Management for Multiple Users

My application has a data class (DataManager), which contains one String called chore. The first user (User A) checks off the chore that they did and it’s saved to the Backendless service. An App Table is created on the Backendless website called DataManager and the checked off chore is found there.
That work’s fine for one user.
When a 2nd user registers (User B), they check off their chores. Now that data is saved in the same AppTable on the website (DataManager).
My main question is, is this typical to have one Table for all of your users and their data?
Secondly, if I want to retrieve the data for User A only, how can I do that?
I know that I can create a user ID column in the Table but let’s say that I have 1000 users and need user A’s info only. Then would my app need to query all 1000 users and just pull out the info for user A? Doesn’t that seem like too much work for the app to be doing? Does anyone know a better way to handle this? Thank you.

Hi Mark,

Yes, this is totally OK to have one table for all users.
And you can query them by any column, this allows you not to retrieve all the users to search.