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Data Migration Error

(mike turner) #1

Hi Guys

Trying to Migrate an Application from 3.0 to 4/5

The Application in 3.0 is called GolfApp_HA
ApplicationID: 9FD83C1D-00B1-E549-FFAA-FC77B4421800

I followed the migration instructions upon pressing ‘copy to 4.0’

I created a new application and this was called HASTINGS2019
ApplicationID: BEB96980-9137-7058-FF94-5E13774A9000

After importing the 2 zip files I got notification that migration was finished, but with errors and the log is here

Now, when I try and look at the data in the new Application I just see an error Table not found by name ‘Users’

Can you take a look please?

The application in GolfApp_HA in version 3 backendless is live and functioning and needs to be kept live until we have successfully changed some code and migrated the data successfully into the latest version of backendless so please don’t do anything to stop the old application from working!

Many thanks


(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Mike,

Are the zip files still available in the source app? If so, we’d like to use them to replicate the problem in a test app.


(mike turner) #3

Hello again Mark! Yes can you grab them from here or do you want me to send the zip files as an attachement?

Yes - can I send you the link on a private channel?

(mike turner) #4

Hi , just wondering if you managed to look at this, or should I try the migration again?

(Mark Piller) #5

Hi Mike,

I tried migrating your app and didn’t get any of the errors you saw in the migration log. Did you migrate into a blank app in 5.x or perhaps there was some data in the target app already prior to migration?


(mike turner) #6

Hi Mark, no it was a completely new blank app.

(mike turner) #7

Is it possible to move the one you created into my account?

(Mark Piller) #8

It is called “Test” and I’d be marked as the app owner. Try creating a new app and go through the process. Make sure to upload the files zip into the Files section first (it is important). Then proceed to importing the data zip.

(mike turner) #9

OK, will give it another go now

(mike turner) #10

Hey, it worked, Success!