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Data saving via API bug

Hi, I’ve faced an error that was absent earlier. I suspect that it is definitely a Backendless bug:
bck1 bck2 bck3 bck4 fff

Hello @Volodymyr_Humnytskiy

please provide the request details to reproduce the problem, the details must include

  • URL
  • HTTP method
  • request body
  • request headers

would be great if you provide a cURL

Regards, Vlad


HTTP method:

request body:
{“Type” : “”, “CampaignId” : “”}

request headers:
Content-Type: application/json
user-token: 35B4C00B-2DA1-4A72-8FCB-AE0F49A94B8B

Seems like the problem is somewhere in your JAVA business logic (in EventHandlers)
try to reproduce the problem in our REST Console

Hi @vladimir-upirov

Thanks for your reply.

I’m the owner of the project. @Volodymyr_Humnytskiy is supporting me on it.

We haven’t resolved the issue yet.
I’m wondering how this JAVA Business Logic could have been broken as it was working well and nobody in our team changed anything…?

Hello @Flrn

In order to find the reason we need to have steps to reproduce it, without that it’s quite tough figure out what’s going on there.

Also, I can not see any BL in your app anymore, as well as there is no any logs, have you cleaned it up?

Have you had a chance to test your BL using our REST Console?

Regards Vlad