Data Service Operation on Server side Code running too slow

Hello Backendless ,
I recently did an experiment on how much time does it take for Backendless to update A property of 10 ,100 and 1000 Database tables via Server Code .
My results were : It took me an average of 1.0018 seconds to update 10 database entries
I couldn’t calculate the one for 100 database entires as my 5s server limit was reached .
Is there any way that I could increase the 1.0018s/10 objects (or 0.10018s/1 object ) :
I took those data from the events which were actually uploaded from the deploy script ( Those weren’t the data of Local Code Runner) By purchasing some sorts of function packs
Is the default server which Backendless provides making the thing of updating slow ( from the Server side totally here as no sorts of client Are inviolved here :slight_smile:
I hope you guys could give an insight on it so that I could purchase some sorts of plans / pricings if available ( as my app is heavily based on server Code alone )

Hello @Pujan Paudel
Are you running updates on 10\100\1000 distinct tables?

Hey @Artur Dzidzoiev

Currently, I didn’t have enough users to Test this Scenario : So , I did something like

int hundred=10;
int thousand=100;
List<BackendlessUser>usersList; // usersList has 10 elements which I download via a Query and is perfectly Loaded 
for(int i=0;i<hundred;i++){ //hundred or thousand these value are interchangebale as per the Simulation 
for(BackendlessUser user: usersList)

My Results are based according to above Code Simulation :
It took 1.0018 Seconds to Update 10 DISTINCT TABLES and I used those tables over and over for simulation :slight_smile:

Hi @Pujan Paudel
We can not guarantee high perfomance in Backendless Cloud. Please contact to discuss what options we can provide to increase perfomance.