Data sponge

Task: Declare First Data Column

I made a mistake on my first mission and clicked “schema” editing tool while creating “person” table, now I cant seem to finish my next task "Declare First Data Column. is there a way I can fix this or How do I start the whole thing from scratch?

Hello, @Ntsikelelo_Blekiwe.

Delete your table and create it again. Also “API Tracking” must be enabled.

Best regards, Nikita.

Hi @Ntsikelelo_Blekiwe ,

Have you created the table per the instructions? Please provide more details (screenshots are always helpful) and we’ll be happy to assist.


Hi @mark-piller @Nikita_Fedorishchev I think I made a mistake kindly take a look at the screenshot. It would be better to start the whole process from scratch

Is your first mission completed? Are you tried to delete your table, create a new one without editing the schema?

Also, provide please your app id, and if you haven’t progress on this issue we get you the possibility to do it again.

Regards, Dima.