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Data storage limit / pricing plan

(Christophe) #1


Does the amount of data stored in the tables has a limit depending on the chosen pricing plan?

Thanks in advance,



(Kate Maksimenko) #2

Hi, Christophe.

Currently, limited only quantity of data tables. Pricing here:

“Data stored in the tables” - unlimited.


(Christophe) #3

Hi Kate,

I thank you so much.



(Devin Holloway) #4

It appears that this has changed a bit with the new platform. 20,000 records for the free tier and 100,000 records for the $25/mo tier. While I could see the majority of tables to fit this limit, it wouldn’t work well for any application that needed to store history in a table.

Take, for example, a weight lifting workout-log type of app. In order to display progress over time, it would need to create a record for each set performed in an exercise. Personally, I do ten exercises on M-W-F and five exercises on Tue and Thu. That’s a total of 40 exercises per week. I do three sets of ten reps on each exercise which would require creating a total of 120 set records, per week, for just me. Multiply that times 15 paying customers, for 1 year (52 weeks) and we’ve essentially reached the table data limit of 93,600 records on the $25/mo plan. If we charged around $3/mo for an app like this, the backendless platform would cost more than 50% of that revenue.