Data Table. How to solve this CORS error


Each time I’m using the very useful “Data Table” the information it’s presented OK but the console brings this continues error.

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 12.34.20

What’s wrong in my configuration?

Thanks, Mario

Hello, @Mario_Ghersi .

Can you describe in more detail? What exactly are you doing step by step, so that I can reproduce the same event.

  1. Open New Page
  2. Add Data Table
  3. Select a Table
  4. CONFIGUE (select only 3 columns)
  5. Preview

At the browser check the console:

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 13.57.39

The information display at the browser it’s OK but I would like to avoid the errors.


If you could share the URL that shows the problem, it would make it easier to diagnose the problem.


This is what I see in the browser when I open the link (using Chrome on Mac OS):

Console tab:

Same page my browser

What browser do you use?
Do you have VPN turned on?

Chrome V103.0.5060.53

Maybe I’m wrong with my Domain Control using * ?

I think it is something on your browser/computer side. If it were on the Backendless side, I would experience the same issue running your page, but it works without any errors.

OK, the only problem with this error could be the requests are not stop during the page still open. I will try from other Internet Service Provider.

Same problem from different ISP.

Thanks, Mario