Data Table not displaying front end

application seems to not be rendering the display table, unsure how to proceed, recreating it did not fix anything and nothing from the theming should hinder the table from displaying; just seems like it doesn’t want to load at all

application id is 86DF97EF-A838-427E-A069-5F4DC2B95285 table is kitid-table in kitids

Hello, @Michael_Asper

You set the parent block of the data table as a dynamic list, but not set any value to them, so the table not rendered.

Please check it now, and let me know if it all working well.

Regards, DIma.

thanks, is there any documentation on this so i can do it correctly in the future?

@Michael_Asper, There is documentation: Backendless Codeless Development Guide
Also, we have video tutorials: Introducing Backendless UI Builder - YouTube

Regards, Nikita.