Data types for storing large amounts of text


I need to store chunks of text that may be a few thousand characters long. I can see in the dashboard that there are the following alternatives:

    String Extended String Text
What is the difference between them? Is there anything else except the maximum number of allowed characters? I have read about limits varying from 2000 to 21000 characters but I ould not get a clear picture of what is what.

Also, there is the datatype “File reference”. How does that work? Do I upload a file using ftp or something?

String has limit up to 500 symbols.
Extended String has the same limit but can contain unicode characters.
Text is for long sequence of characters up to 21000.
File reference contains the reference to the file in File service of your app.

Hi, I’m also interested in this question. I’m storing text with punctuation but I am getting import errors using the EXTENDED STRING type. Should I change this?

Hello Catherine,

The EXTENDED STRING type has been removed from Backendless. Please provide the archive you’re trying to import and we’ll investigate your problem as soon as possible.