Database export blocked


This is the message I am getting when trying to export my database.
The previous attempt never generated a zip file, only the log file was created.
And now, 30 minutes later, I still can’t export my data.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Nicolas_REMY ,

When export is performed DB is locked up to a 1 hour. But it is strange that previous export hanged. Have you received additional logs to export logs file by this time? Could you please provide your app ID so I can check system logs for presence of errors related to export in your app?

Regards, Andriy

Sure, my app ID is D7075715-5086-625A-FFAB-39C2F40FB200

I saw nothing in the DB export logs that could explain it. That’s why I opened a support ticket.

The other strange part is that in the next export, I have noticed that records are duplicated. It’s as if the CSV files were created but not sent. And then the next time the next export is appended to the previous one. It has happened to me several times.

@Nicolas_REMY ,

I was unable to locate any errors in system logs associated with your app. But we will keep an eye on apps background tasks since it is not normal behavior for export task.
About problem with duplicated data during export. Such behavior can be caused by previously hanged export process. I have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-31501 to fix this problem. Fix will be provided in the next release. Our team will reach you out in this topic when it will be released.

As a temporal bypass for “duplicated data” problem you should check and remove manually “temp” sub-folder in “export” folder if previous export hanged.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Regards, Andriy

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Hello @Nicolas_REMY

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. Could you kindly let us know whether fix works for you well?


OK, thanks. Will tell you if the issue persists.