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how to compare a column data value with another variable using javascript? It would be appreciated with an example.

You need to retrieve data from the database first. Have you done that already?

I have already a tables and columns, so I want to update one column in one row (last row added), so how can I put value for this column only?

This is a different question than the original one:

So which one are we discussing here?

The second one cause it is more clear.

In order to compare a column data with a variable, you need to load the data from the database into your JavaScript application. Have you already done that?

I didn’t do that yet, how?

Documentation is the best place to start from:

This didn’t help me a lot to be honest. I want to set a value to a column in the last row added in the database.

You said you wanted to focus on this question:

The very first step to get this done is to retrieve data from the database. We responded with a link to instructions. And now you’re jumping to a completely separate question.

Please stay on topic so we can resolve at least one of the items.


Okay sorry for changing questions. For example how to use this?
Backendless.Data.of( “TABLE-NAME” ).findFirst()
.then( function( result ) {
.catch( function( error ) {

I want to get a value from the database in the last row added then compare it with my vatiable defined in the code.

Are you new to programming?
Are you familiar with JavaScript?