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@mark-piller Question regarding the number of data records in the database.
A while ago, we talked over the call and discussed the pricing plans of backendless and the suitable plan for our application use case, you mentioned and told us explicitly that there isn’t any limit on the number of records in a database table. The actual cost will be the number of times we are using the API to fetch the data records from our backendless database, and that too will depend on the number of concurrent users.

Now my application is currently on “Scale” plan and while uploading the records in my database, after uploading around one hundred thousand records it is giving me an error that I have reached the maximum limit of data records.

The use case of the application is such that we need to upload millions of records in each table in the backendless database, and we also have to launch the product by tomorrow. Please guide me here as to what I can do. I cannot afford a complete revamp at this point of time


Hi Jordan,

The Scale plan includes up to 100,000 records per table. There is no limit that Backendless cannot handle; you can increase the limit with an extension from the Marketplace (if needed, you can install multiple instances of the extension):

This information about what’s included in the Scale place is on the pricing page of our website:
Backendless Cloud Pricing | Scalable Low-Code App Development Platform

I also recommend joining our webinar on April 16th. We will be discussing some changes that I think you might benefit from.


@mark-piller So looking at this, I may need to purchase multiple extensions to handle my use case. Cause a rough estimate about the number of records I would be uploading in my database are around 15 million and to achieve that it will cost me lots of extensions.

Is there any other way around this, or any other pricing plans that I can upgrade too with unlimited number of records?

I can think of the following options:

  1. Use Backendless Pro - the self-hosted version of Backendless. The product imposes no limits; it is only bound by the limitations of the hardware it runs on. We will make a few Backendless Pro-related announcements in the mentioned webinar, but I cannot publicly discuss them yet. This may be a longer-term path. Staging and configuring the server may impede your plans to launch by tomorrow.

  2. Depending on the nature of the data you work with, for example, if it is read-only, you could store it in files. Again, this is unattractive, as you need to refactor your app.

  3. Given the time constraint, if you upload 15m worth of records, the extra daily cost for that data volume will be $25/day. If this is outside of your budget, I recommend starting preparation to run your Backendless Pro instance. However, keep in mind that the hardware costs to run that much data may be more than $25/day.

Hope this helps.


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Yeah! This helps. Thanks for the insights.
It makes more sense to go with the third option right now and then shift to backendless pro gradually over time.