Database relationship - identification column

I have created a table private_properties table with relation column developer1
developer1 is pointing to developers table.

I have created a column id under developers table.

I have set the relation column in private_properties table to have 1:1 relation with developers table and set id as the identification column

When I export the data and check. I see the developer1 column on private_properties is having objectId data instead of id data

How do I make the developer1 column to have id data like this.

The purpose of this is, I want to import CSV with the id data. like this. So after I import, the developer1 column gets related to developers table using id column

Hi @Jag_Karnan,

the Identification Column is not for identifying unique records in a table. This is a purely visual representation of a related object in the parent table - so that instead of a “1: 1 relation” you can choose a column whose value will be shown in it, e.g. developer’s name.

Just rename the id column in your CSV to objectId, and it will be overridden.


Thank you, that solved my problem