Database table can I set up a user login to change one record

I want to know is can I do the following, we are going to have a single table that has some of the information contained in each of the listings in our guide app, and one record will be one listing, is it possible to set up a login with your web integration for a user to login and change only that record that is his listing or do I need to create another application to do this?

We would like to have the customer update his data then I can check for changes and pull it back into our app, all our data is hard coded in the app at the moment,

Hello Alan,

Thanks for your message. To ensure we fully understand your needs and provide you with the best possible assistance, could you kindly provide a bit more detail about your requirements? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


So I want to have one Backendless table that our ios app read for changes to each record. Each record is a user entry in our guide app, we want a secure login via a web interface so they can make changes to the values only in that record only. I would check for changes and update or hard-coded core data database in the application. For example, record one is Business1, and record two is Business2 they each have an attribute in the table for price, a user can log in with a username and password we setup and only see the record that is the business that is assigned to them and they update that record only in simple web form for the attributes for the table record. User can for example change the price or text for a attribute in there record.

Hi @Alan_Cook

In my opinion, to implement your task, you can configure permissions based on our documentation at Security - Backendless REST API Documentation so that only the owner can retrieve and update a record.

Each record in your table should have its owner.
You can globally deny specific actions for all tables, but explicitly allow (green checkmark) these actions for the owner on the Owner Policy tab.
Alternatively, for a specific table, on the Permissions -> Roles Permissions tab, you can explicitly deny (red cross) an action for system roles, but still explicitly allow it for the owner.

In this case, the owner can only work with their records, as its security layer will take precedence.