DataModel - Strange Issue

Okay so I’m fetching the data from a Database whenever I open the page. I’m successfully retrieving the data, and setting it into a ROW which is marked as a Repeater. Now inside a CELL of that ROW, I have one reusable UI component in which I need to get that data and parse it accordingly.

Now in my reusable component, I’ve marked the parent component as a DATA CONTAINER so that I can get that data from the ROW. And when I try to print that value, I get nothing:

However if I try to specify a certain property in the DATA MODEL LOGIC, then I can actually see the value!


Which is confusing to me. Why I can get only a single property and not a whole object itself?

Hello @Stefan_Jovanovic

Is it problem?
You see the internal implementation of pseudo data object

httpsagilejail-dev.backendless.appapifilesui-buildercontainersdefaultindex.htmlpage=landing 2022-06-17 19-22-34


Hey VIktor,
I’ve tried getting the property of that object from the codeless, like you have shown, but it shows an ‘undefined’ result.

However when I add that same property name to a “Data Model Logic”, then I will be able to print the exact value from the “mainBlock Data”. VERY strange issue.

I’ve fixed the issue by checking a Data Container checkbox on the CELL component.