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DataQueryBuilder attribute relationsPageSize not working on Android Device


I have this Flutter querybuider:

final queryBuilder = DataQueryBuilder()
…sortBy = [“created”]
…relationsPageSize = 99
…related = [‘visits’];

final foundObjects = await;

The related table Visits have 11 entries for one Tour. Testing in iOS device the tour is returned with 11 visits (OK!) but in Android device the relation is always returned with 10 entries (Not OK!).

It seems that Android implementation not is consulting the relationsPageSize parameter from queryBuilder as will be expected.

APPID: EF16A871-80DD-437B-FF13-FAF3968E1D00


Hi Dani,

I believe the bug is actually on the iOS side (with 11 visits returned). The system is supposed to return no more than 10 related objects with the single-step retrieval approach. Additional related objects should be retrieved with this call:


Hi @mark-piller,

I will try your solution but if the single-step retrieval ALWAYS return 10 related objects I don’t understand the sense of the relationsPageSize attibute.

Further, I have tested the behavior in the REST Console and it returned 11 related objects:


Hi @Dani_Sevilla

Android SDK doesn’t handle relationsPageSize attribute. I’ve created internal ticket: BKNDLSS-21138. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Best Regards,

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