backendless_sdk: ^6.0.3 Flutter, Dart

DataQueryBuilder query2 = DataQueryBuilder();
query2.pageSize = 100;
query2.related = [‘lessons’, ‘lessons.exercises’];
query2.whereClause = “email = ‘${}’”;
var privateLessons = List();
var json = await“users”).find(query2);
BackendlessUser logoped = BackendlessUser.fromJson(json.first);

Expected lessons.exercises length is more than 10 elements on Android, (iOS its OK)

Hello @Aleksandr_Lopatka

Please provide your applicationId.

applicationId 27D7568-B7AD-DC84-FFE6-1DE40A40E500 thanks

androidjpg ios

Hello @Aleksandr_Lopatka

The internal ticket (BKNDLSS-22729) has been created. Your problem will be investigated and fixed as soon as possible.

In the initial response, the related objects should be always limited to 10 objects by the server. If the behavior is different in iOS, it is a bug (@olhadanylova, please verify) . To lead additional related objects, use the following API call:

Yes, Swift-SDK’s default behaviour is 10 objects for page.

rewritten method of receiving data without SDK

This issue has been fixed in Flutter SDK v.6.2.0.