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Dates in cluase with codeless

(Mark Piller) #22

Can you share what the object in JSON looks like when you create it?

(zeev mindali) #23

I don’t create a JSON file, I using to save a class

(Mark Piller) #24

Let’s make sure your afterCreate handler is even invoked. Add the following block as the very first block in the logic and create a new object. Check the log if the log produced any output.

(zeev mindali) #25

made the change, no print

(Mark Piller) #26

Ok, so we know that the event handler doesn’t run, that’s a good start.

What if you make the event handler to run as blocking? Right now it is configured to run as non-blocking. It is configured on the Event Handlers screen.

(zeev mindali) #27

made the change, no effect
very strange, like the after create stopped to run

(zeev mindali) #28

more then that, I saw the one time the after effect was run

(zeev mindali) #29

but I didn’t see it on the log

(Mark Piller) #30

why is beforeCreate non-blocking now??

(zeev mindali) #31

it’s before create, changed it, let me try again

(zeev mindali) #32

done it, no effect again :frowning:

(zeev mindali) #33

mark, if before create fails, does it still run the after create?

(zeev mindali) #34

found something, in the before create it’s working
that’s mean in time to time the after create for some reason not working
I am adding now the try catch to the before and trying to print the problem

(Mark Piller) #35

if the before event handler fails, the after one will not run.

(zeev mindali) #36

put the before in try catch, don’t have any error :frowning:

(Mark Piller) #37

beforeCreate is still non-blocking. Is this how you want it?

(zeev mindali) #38

moved it again to blocking
I also add a print as the last block, to see if exception is thrown
I getting the last print, which mean, the before create is working o.k.
I see also in the Backendless data that I have single event

the problem is that after event is not firing at all

(Mark Piller) #39

ok, try removing the after event handler in production and then deploy it again using the DEPLOY MODEL button in the codeless editor.

(zeev mindali) #40

done, no change, still after is not firing

(zeev mindali) #41

it’s something new, few days ago, all was working o.k.
is it related that I delete the cache file?