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Dates in cluase with codeless

(Mark Piller) #42

no, it has nothing to do with the cache file.

Please go ahead and create a new object now

(zeev mindali) #43

created, trying to create also with blocking in before

(zeev mindali) #44

same things, the after is not firing

(Mark Piller) #45

and one more time please (create a new one in event_items)

(zeev mindali) #46

I see something was done

(Mark Piller) #47

and one more time, let’s hope this works

(zeev mindali) #48

nope, it’s not working

(zeev mindali) #49

should I write the whole after again? as much as painfull it will be

(Mark Piller) #50

Based on what I observe, there is some kind of problem in the code created from your afterCreate logic. Node sees the problem and doesn’t run the event handler. Unfortunately we do not see the error it runs into and as a result, the event handler doesn’t run and we do not see what caused it not to run

(zeev mindali) #51

so give me the bad news, I need to create a new one?

(Mark Piller) #52

I would recommend creating a new one without deleting the existing one - you can have multiple event handlers for the same event. I would bring the logic piece by piece and re-run until the point when it stops working.

I can create a placeholder for you if you’d like so you have both event handlers at the same time.

(zeev mindali) #53

I will create a new one, and take out the old one.
if it will work, who cares of the old one.
start to make screen picture to remember what to do, lol.

(Mark Piller) #54

you can open two browsers side by side if it helps to port the logic. Also, use the “print” block for logging, it makes the codeless logic more compact. Once again, start small and simple, deploy frequently and retest every time by saving a new object.

(zeev mindali) #55

start the work :slight_smile:

(zeev mindali) #56

made coddles with students in the morning, made another one in evening (we made blockchain using backendless) now I creating mine :slight_smile: its 00:30 am here

(Mark Piller) #57

you’re living the “Codeless Life” :wink:

(zeev mindali) #58

what I missing here ?
I want to add 86400 second which mean 24 hours

(Mark Piller) #59

you’re missing this:

(zeev mindali) #60

how should it be? what I messing

(Mark Piller) #61

Just get the value of created and add the number to it.