Deep save exception


I am receiving the following deep save exception

“Deep save exception. Unable to create relation. Child object with id ‘847d9f3b-640f-40d7-86db-ce912fbf6335’ is not found in the related table.”

Parent table is Contractors, there is a One to One relation on a property called status, this One to One is to the table Statuses on objectId.

Doing a deep save PUT on the following object

{“address”:null,“daybreakId”:10285,“email”:"",“id”:40360,“local”:"",“name”:“Cruz Interiors”,“phone”:"",“planCode”:“10”,“status”:{“objectId”:“847d9f3b-640f-40d7-86db-ce912fbf6335”},“trades”:[]}

returns the exception.

However the child object most certainly does exists in the related table.

Are there any permissions that may be needed that is restricting the relation?

Your doc is clear and I simply do not see where I am messing this up.

Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide.


Found the error, the objectId is case sensitive.