Deepsave API creating new record, but without data

I have watched the Deep Save API tutorial video, but am having some trouble with functionality. I think I have one issue and a couple clarify questions. I’ve created a minimal-complexity reproducible example below.

In short, I would like to create a record and add the input value to the corresponding column:

I used the following code blocks:

This produces new database records that are empty aside from the system columns, which raised a question

Does deep save require all columns of a data table to faithfully create a record?

DeepSave does not require all columns to be specified in the request.

Does your table have the “year” column?
Have you checked if “get property year from Page Data” return anything? Use the " print" block to output the value and check the browser console.

Finally, for what you are saving, using DeepSave is an overkill as you save a simple object.



The table does contain the “year” column.

I acknowledge that deepsave is overkill for this example. My full use case is to save some input values from one form, save the rest from another form, with relations to both the Users table and a second table. In trying to troubleshoot I reduced it to this minimalist example.

The only print block I can find (by searching) is the print text block. Instead, I set a text object property to the input value on click.

This also is not working and I have a persistent error in the console:

I apologize if this is an issue of my own making.

Hi @Kevin_Panke-Buisse

Could you please provide your appId/ContainerName/PageName and we will take a look on the issue


Hello, Vladimir!

App ID: 42C21728-1588-FE30-FFD7-22B1A0896100
Container: default
page: payment

I appreciate your time and any insight you can provide.

Thank you,


I do not see data-binding specified in UI components for properties “size_text” and “year” in the PageData

May I add them?

Absolutely, you may. I think you have found my issue, though. I didn’t set the data binding properties.

Thank you for your time and effort, Vladimir! I was not setting the data binding properties. It now works perfectly. I expect that that is also at the root of my deep save issue, as well.

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