Default Email Confirmation Not exist Error

Nice to meet you here.
I have some troubles in development using backendless.
I tried to send email template after registering user account.
But this error message was occurred.
“Email Template with name ‘Registration Confirmation’ doesn’t exist.”
I ensured that Registration Confirmation is default backendless email template and it is in the message box.
I will share the screenshot.
If you can help me offer a good suggestion, I am very thanks for your care.


“Registration Confirmation” is a special, system-level email template used only to confirm the email address of the user that registers in your app. You can read about it here:


Then when this email is sent to user’s email?
After sing up or login?

I have one more question.
The verification link is redirected the default confirmed page in system container.

  1. Can I customize confirmation_URL in email template to be redirected my custom confirmed page?
  2. If not, how to redirect from system container to my default container?


The documentation link I shared describes that this email is sent when user registers with the app using the User Registration API.

You cannot customize the URL, but you can customize the confirmation page.

You do not need to redirect, simply edit the page and republish the system UI container.


Thanks for your care.
I will try to read carefully the guide from now.
The action is working well.

Thanks again.

Hello. Mark.
Thanks for you care of my previous problem.
Now I have some troubles on database relationships.

Let me explain shortly:
I have created two tables as Users and Phones.
Phones model has several columns such as phone_type, phone_name, phone_number and etc.
A user can have several phones.
So I think the relationship between Users and Phones is 1:N and then I have set the relation line according to my idea.
But it doesn’t work right now.

If I changed the phones model data, it reflects in all users.
Could you provide me some good advice?
Then hope to let me know how to make these two models and set the relationship?

Thanks in advance.

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