Default Value for relationship object in parent table


Suppose I have a USER table and the USER table has a one to one relationship with another table call STATUS.
The STATUS tables has only one field called Status and have values ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’

How do I set or achieve the effect of setting a default value of, say, ‘A’ whenever a new User record is created?

I think this is a common scenario but I just couldn’t figure how to do it in backendless automatically.



You can set default value for column on Table Schema and Permissions page.
And when you will add new user with not null relation to STATUS new row will be added with default value.

Unable to do it.



USERS table has a relationship to STATUS table
If I set the USERS tale field mystatus to NOT NULL
set a default value in STATUS,
when I try to create a new User, I get an error saying that STATUS cannot be null.
My impression it will take the default value…