Delay after git push


After doing a git push to my backendless repo there is normally a delay in the time it takes for the changes to become available for scripts. Doing a reload of the dashboard normally resolves this.

Today, my local git repo is reporting up to date with origin after push, however no changes are visible in the filesystem nor are they available to running scripts.

This inconsistent behavior is really time intensive. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

App ID is 3A5892C8-560D-9F86-FFA2-9977FFD87A00


Hi Dave,

Please specify whether the push was successful? For how many seconds (minutes) do you estimate delay?

Cheers, Artur.

The push was successful. However, I see no changes (today) at Backendless, including the .git folder.

Previously I’d estimate the delay at an hour but it’s hard to say - it’s inconsistent. Today though, no changes are seen.

A little more info: I’m able to clone the repo and the cloned repo is up to date with what I had previously pushed.

Still no updates seen in the backendless filesystem though.

Hi Dave, we will look into it.

Assigned tag BKNDLSS-12268

I am facing the same issue. I did a successful push and still I don’t see any changes in the dashboard.

commit : e7133604614a63bbacd526cfc609f102a2dddca9

I faced the same issue again yesterday when I treid pushing my changes.

Please try again now.