Delete a file using API. Session timeout. JS -> Work. Flutter -> dont Work

Task: Delete a file using API

Try to delete file using API.

Error message:
I/flutter (22128): PlatformException(3048, Session timeout. Url:, Session timeout. Url:

My code:
void _deleteFile() {
.then((value) => print(“File has been deleted”))
.catchError((e) => print(e));

**Later I tried to delete using JS API. It works. **
Using Flutter API dont work.

Hello @Alexander_Denysiuk.
Thanks for reporting the issue.
We will look at this problem in more detail and let you know the result.

The ticket number is BKNDLSS-22785

Hi @Alexander_Denysiuk

We cannot reproduce your issue. Maybe File Service was unavailable at that time. Please try to run it one more time. If the problem persists please specify the platform (Android, iOS or Web) and your App ID.

Best Regards,