delete multiple objects

can u delete like lots of data in 1 call? when i use
Backendless.Persistence.of(className.class).remove(list, new AsyncCallback<className>
the list is array list of class object that i want to delete, but it cannot recognize array list in that, need the class object. so what i use now for delete is looping per total size object that i want to delete, find each object and delete it. but that delete call only delete 1 object, so if the data size is 50, then i call backendless remove 50 time. can backendless delete multiple object in single remove call?

you can use bulk delete from REST sdk version>/data/bulk/&lt;table-name&gt;?where=&lt;where clause&gt;

hmm can i implement that rest sdk on android ?

Sure, you can! The android SDK is open source. You’re welcome to branch it and add new functionality.