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Delete or Rename a table

How to delete or rename a table using the API/SDK. If this is in the docs somewhere, please point us to it.

Backendless Version (3.x / 5.x, Online / Managed / Pro )

BackendlessSwift: 5.7.6

Client SDK (REST / Android / Objective-C / Swift / JS )

macOS 10.15.3
XCode 11.3.1

Application ID


Expected Behavior

Is there an API/SDK to delete a table? Rename a table?

Actual Behavior


Reproducible Test Case

Hi Jay,

Creating/editing/deleting tables and columns are the functions of Backendless console. Console uses REST API which can be used anywhere. You can see the requests in a browser when you open the Developer tools panel and navigate to the Network tab.

Please notice that all management requests must be authenticated using the “auth-token” request header. You get the token when you use the console login API.

Hope this helps.



Hmm. No Swift API for removing or renaming tables? A little odd since the rest of the SDK is pretty complete, but we can work with REST (not out first choice).

I may need some hand holding here…

Developer tools? Perhaps Data section on the left side? From there I have a Rest Console tab but don’t seem to have a Network tab (see screen shot)

You can see the requests in a browser

Where would I see the request to delete that InvoiceClass table in the attached screen shot?

Also when using the User Login tab, it presents a login window for but upon clicking Login, it just ‘blurs’ out and doesn’t go any further.

Perhaps I am overlooking something.

Anything you can do in Backendless console is based on “Management API”. This includes creating and deleting tables and columns with all other operations in between. The login I am talking about is login to Backendless console. I use Google chrome as my browser, so I will reference how Chrome does it. It might be somewhat different in other browsers. So in chrome you open Developer Tools and switch to the Network tab. In here you can see all the requests made by Backendless console. When you login, you will see the login request. When you create a table, there will be a request to create a table. These are REST requests for the management functions in Backendless. You can make the same in your code and console would be the point of reference.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info.

Seems like the Swift API has limited functionality for basic concepts like deleting or renaming tables and columns. While having access to those functions through REST calls/CURL works, it’s just not convenient during development as we’ve been down that path before with another platform. The other options we’re looking at (Realm, Mongo, Couchbase, Firebase, Oracle, Cloudant and a few others) seem to have all of that functionality built into the API and seeing as we’re migrating our app off of another platform we need to keep it as seamless as possible.

We appreciate your time and explanation.

The Swift SDK has no functionality for creating/deleting/renaming tables and columns. The APIs you will find in our SDKs generally do not include any of the management functions. We do not encourage schema manipulation in production apps and as a result, that functionality is not available in our core SDKs.