Delete property in one variable, property deleted on more than one variable

Good day.

Can you please explain the following behavior:

The container item data is loaded from table test123.

On click:

Expected results: Table test123 item to be updated. Table111 item to be created.

Actual Result: New item created in both tables.

As soon as I deactivate the delete object property block, I get the expected results. Its as if the objectId gets deleted from both variables. I would like to understand the results so that I can have a better overall understanding.

Thank You.

Hi Frans,

I recommend checking the response for the API calls in question in the Network tab of the browser (it might be helpful to check the request parameters as well). This way it will be more obvious what goes on. The Network tab is available in the browser’s DevTools. Here’s how to get to it in Chrome:
Open Chrome DevTools - Chrome Developers