Delete unused codeless business logic

Hello Team,

How to delete delete unused codeless business logic. I searched for logic with the name “sdgsdg” but I didn’t find it. it seems like I once erased it. but why not erased.

Application ID: 5B75038B-CF13-4B09-AB38-4BCF5E7002BC.


Hey @xiaomieya

sdgsdg on the screenshot is deployment model. Every service you create in Codeless is being deployed to a “model” name of which corresponds to the name of the service. Means that once you created a codeless service “sdgsdg” - system automatically created a codeless model with same name. After service was removed - model remained.

Don’t worry there is no “codeless logic” left in your app and this empty model won’t affect nothing. We’ll discuss possibility to delete “model” automatically on service deletion in order not to confuse developers


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Thanks @anton-govorushkin