Deleted After Publishing

I tried publishing the container. After i hit publish, everything in UI builder was deleted. I changed the container name to Unissn1. I am not sure if that is what caused everything to disappear. All the data in the backend is still there. I also tried to delete the file “Unissn1” but that did not help.

Application ID - E5157DC4-EC5A-8459-FF3D-A8D23175C900


Are you saying that a UI Container is gone after you published it? What was the name of the deleted UI container?


Im not sure. When i hit publish, when the page refreshed, everything i had done in UI builder was gone. Im not sure how to restore or undo to a previous point.

Everything in UI Builder is gone because you deleted the following folder, which contained all the pages:

Can that be recovered? How would i do that?

Try this: