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Deny all read permissions for some folder with images

(Oleg Green) #1

I’m trying to make images in “images” folder not available from outside for reading, for now I need only upload and store these images. Maybe in future I will give access for some defined user.

So I’ve denied READ permissions for “images” folder and it becomes not accessible via public URL.
The only way I can open it is by clicking on it in backendless console.
When I open it the url of image looks like:


My questions are:

  1. Is the key that is bold in above link some auto generated key?
  2. Will it remains the same for all the time? So for example if I will share this link ones for someone he will be able to access all files in folder just by replacing file name in above link?

Best Regards,

(Alexandr Navara) #2

Hello, Oleg!

Answering your questions:

  1. No, it’s not
  2. Yes, it would be the same and path replacement would work.
    Please consider that permissions’ scope is API only. When you open file from console - you don’t use API. In order to make permissions work use button “get shareable link”. In this case permissions restrictions would work.