Deploy a service

i explained my situation sometime ago and got my
answer. my use case needed MQTT service and you said that you don’t
support MQTT service. so i searched existing services and after evaluate
their goodness, i found HiveMQ is my response. it has everything that i
need. so HiveMQ give us a file and i installed it on my server host and
run it, everything is ok. just there is a problem that you can help us.
in some situation i have to call an api on Backendless and change some
values on database. HiveMQ give us this attribute but problem is i can
not deploy HiveMQ service on backendless (i want to do this because i am
certain about availability, accessablity and other things of
backendless so there is no need and this is not good to deploy HiveMQ
Service in another host, Please help me deploy HiveMQ on Backendless, i
tried many times but can’t do that. this all files for HiveMQ and

Currently we don’t provide support for HiveMQ or any other MQTT broker and you can not realize it in a qualitative way using Backendless Cloud Code because this service should be constantly running and it is not stateless. All services to be deployed should be stateless and should not take more than 40 seconds to execute (dependent on plan and function packs you’ve bought). Instead of using MQTT please consider using Backendless Real Time Messaging (Android, iOS, JS).
If you still want to use MQTT, we also provide consulting for an additional fee. Please contact and clarify your requirements.

Regards, Olga