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Deprecated blocks

App ID: D3828E7D-B42E-B69F-FFFC-EFE55E612400

Hi guys, a service just fell on my app. I looked at the blocks it says I’m using a deprecated block. Has this block been abandoned and all the codeless services using it unable to use anymore? I used this block to get rid of the double quotes from Thunkable inputs, which blocks should I use instead then? Thanks!

Hello @Louis_Cadier

We have added a new Codeless block to specify a dynamic RegExp. The old block will be deprecated. Sorry for the inconvenience.



  • Is there a central place where such deprecations are announced? If not, how to know when something is deprecated?
  • “Deprecation” means, that there is a grace period within the feature can still be used before it is removed. Such informationen should be part of a deprecation announcement.

Best regards,


We make an announcement if any major functionality is no longer supported and it is sent out in the mail.
In the case of this block, we continue to support it, but only if the logic is already running and working. However, if you change the logic or create a new one, then saving logic will not be available. This is done so that users will replace old blocks with new ones as soon as possible.


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