Desktop Push Notifications - REST API

I asked on Slack but some requirements/questions have come up while looking at the docs - thought I’d be better asking them here.

We have a requirement, as a proof of concept, to use Backendless Messaging to push notifications via the REST API to desktop clients (both Windows and MacOS)

  • We want to register an app specific supplied device ID to receive notifications
  • Push an arbitrary text string out to devices with that device ID or another ID
  • Receive notifications on devices.

When an application is running on either MacOS or Windows we’d love the app to automatically receive notifications. We’d like to avoid polling if at all possible.

When the app is not running we’re happy for messages to be queued and pushed through when the app starts.

I’m not sure this is achievable as the first thing the docs say about Push notification is “Backendless supports push notifications for iOS and Android devices and very soon for web browsers and desktop operating systems”

Later this functionality will be extended to mobile app, though thats not part of this requirement, we need to ensure that Backendless will allow us to do this in the future.

Any ideas if/how we can achieve this.


For the proof of concept it is worth to try following:
Create desktop app using plain push notification api (provided by vendor), then create push template and send notification to the specific channel which the desktop app is subscribed to.