Dev Version

Hi Team, i am wonder what others are doing and what Backendless recommends for dev version and Production versions. Currently we have one Backendless instance and do both dev and production work on it. What are others doing. it would be nice to have dev space and then production space and be able to toggle between the two with ease?

Hello @Invited4

I found something that can help.
Let us know if this doesn’t help you.


Thanks! This is very helpful!

How does billing work on apps in Development? For integration with third party applications like bubble I assume we are going to need to add some logic to handle two versions of API keys when it comes to development and production instances?

Billing works the same way regardless of what you use the app for. Any created app results in resources allocated to it, databases created, file storage assigned, etc.

The API keys and app IDs are different between the apps. Yes, you would need to add some logic to allow switching between the two.