Developing 'Playground Page' caused all apps to crash

Application ID: 28040C55-E94C-85B9-FFDB-69EC51D1AC00

Cannot read property 'blockDragSurface_' of null
TypeError: Cannot read property 'blockDragSurface_' of null
    at module.exports.Blockly.BlockSvg.getRelativeToSurfaceXY (
    at module.exports.Blockly.BlockSvg.renderMoveConnections_ (
    at module.exports.Blockly.BlockSvg.render (
    at module.exports.Blockly.BlockSvg.render (
    at module.exports.Blockly.BlockSvg.render (
    at Object.dispose_ (
    at Object.module.exports.Blockly.WidgetDiv.hide (
    at Object.module.exports.Blockly.hideChaff (
    at module.exports.Blockly.Scrollbar.cleanUp_ (
    at module.exports.Blockly.Scrollbar.dispose (

Problem description

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Steps to reproduce

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  1. Video Part 1: ~13:00 ; Created new log function. Went back to the handler and removed what was in OnClickEvent and then it crashed.
  2. One of the last things before clicking back to handler was to delete the raw text next before /n
  3. Unsure as to why, but now all applications are returning the same error

Hi @Alex_Kagel,

Welcome to our community!

I was trying to reproduce the described issue and catch no error.
I don’t quite understand at which moment you receive this error message?
Could you please also specify which video you are talking about?