Did not receive statements

Hello. We have been receiving regular statements each month but unfortunately for the month of January we did not receive statements for both of our backendless applications. Please can this be resolved as I need to pass these to our accountancy department.

Application ID’s: E69227A1-ECAD-2EC3-FF57-0530DD384800 and 1D2AC824-E77B-46B0-AB8B-2D290636C551

Many thanks

Hi @Steven_Salmon ,
On which email you previously received statements?
In your billing information specified webteam@cnsonline.net

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy. Yes I always get them at webteam@cnsonline.net but not on this occasion. I also have two renewals going out today and tomorrow for February.

@Steven_Salmon ,

I have resent manually two statements on your mail (one from 28th and another from 29th of January). Could you please check if you received them?
Also I see that statement for E69227A1-ECAD-2EC3-FF57-0530DD384800 was already issued today. Have you received it?

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz

Sorry for the late response. I have just found out that an internal migration has caused this email address to no longer work. Is there any chance this can be changed for billing emails to go to a different email address such as ssalmon@cnsonline.net ? If this is possible please could the outstanding ones be sent for both January and February?

Thank you. Steven

Hi Steven,

The email address has been updated and statements for January and February were resent.


Awesome thank you Mark. Just received them. Is there anyway I can configure the email address myself? I have a couple of other applications with you.

The billing system interface is not available publicly. Please let us know your application IDs and we will take care of it.

@Steven_Salmon ,

To clarify situation. System automatically synchronize email of developer with it’s billing email. In other words, when you update your developer email, this new email will be also set as your new billing email.

Is there anyway I can configure the email address myself? I have a couple of other applications with you.

If these applications belong to the same developer account as the previously mentioned apps then billing email was already updated for them.

I can see that your developer account is still uses old email. I would recommend you to update it to use your new email to avoid any possible problems with billing statements in the future.

Regards, Andriy