Difference between upsert object and save object?

Just curious… I found that retrieving an object from a table, modifying the object, and then using “save object” will change values in the existing object in the database (it does not create a new object). Why have an additional “upsert object” block in the interface?

Upsert has additional logic that checks if the object you’re saving already exists in the database. If it does, the object is updated, otherwise, a new record with the object is created in the data table.


But Save Object seems to do the same thing (check if Object exists, if so change values… otherwise create new Object). Can you explain what logic is missing or different in “Save” vs “Upsert”?

If the objectId is specified, but does not exist in the database, then the save will throw an error that the object with the specified objectId does not exist in the table, while the upsert will create an object with the specified objectId.


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