Different dimensions for each view in ui builder

Hi Vlad,

I read an older thread from back in march about different views. I qas wondering if it is possible to have components only visible in web view but invisible in ipad/iphone view?

In the older thread you provider code with classes but those only hide 1 view with 2 still having the component visible. Reason why, and maybe you know a better solution to this, is because i don’t want my webapp full screen. So i added a container with 3 cells, middle cell has my content. On ipad/iphone this is obsolete since i want those to be full screen.

I hoped it was possible to map different dimensions to different screensizes but whatever you change in 1 view gets taken over by the other 2 aswell.

It would be nice to be able to set the styling options different for every screen.


Hello @Thomas_Vandergraesen,

Please check these answers from the related topic: